Is stress and anxiety preventing you from enjoying every day life? Have you had a life changing event such as an unexpected death of a friend or family member, a diagnosis of a life threatening illness, been in or witnessed a bad car accident or experienced a physical assault?

Sometimes life can knock you sideways and you can find that doing everyday things like meeting a friend for coffe, going out shopping, walking the dog or tying your shoe laces have become increasingly difficult due to stress, anxiety, panic attacks or chronic pain.

If this sounds like you or someone you know then I can help.

By gently restoring and rebalancing mind, body and emotions through the transformational touch of craniosacral therapy I support people to once again experience freedom and whole body wellbeing.

So if you would to feel less stressed, anxious and troubled by aches and pains, and more calm, peaceful and energetic despite what life has thrown at you, then do get in touch or schedule yourself a complimentary 20 minute session to see how Craniosacral Therapy can help you. Contact me here or if you have any questions then check out the FAQs in Resources too.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Catherine Daley Craniosacral Therapist B&W